The Melody At Night, Without You

by Efes Twin

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Olaf Vahl
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Olaf Vahl Great sweet bubbling electronic and analog sounds arranged in fresh melodies and rhythms! Wonderful music for intense moments full of melancholy. Favorite track: Every Opportunity Missed.
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"Everything is the same, the fog says 'We are fog and we fly by dissolving like ephemra,' and the leaves say 'We are leaves and we jiggle in the wind, that's all, we come and go, grow and fall' - Even the paper bags in my garbage pit say 'We are man-transformed paper bags made out of wood pulp, we are kinda proud of being paper bags as long as that will be possible, but we'll be mush again with our sisters the leaves come rainy season' - The tree stumps say 'We are tree stumps torn out of the ground by men, sometimes by wind, we have big tendrils full of earth that drink out of the earth' - Men say 'We are men, we pull out tree stumps, we make paper bags, we think wise thoughts, we make lunch, we look around, we make a great effort to realize everything is the same' - While the sand says 'We are sand, we already know,' and the sea says 'We are always come and go, fall and plosh.'"

- Jack Kerouac, Big Sur


released April 17, 2015

For Malina. If I had not met you, this music would not exist.

Thanks to my father Stefan - although I can not always express or show it, in my eyes you are the best dad I can imagine.

Thanks to my grandparents, where would I be without you? Thank you for all the things you made possible.

Thanks to Stefan, Harald and Uta for all the guidance.

Thanks to Leonie for being my “bestie” over all these years.

Thanks to Viola, our time has taught me a lot about life.

Thanks to Max, because your criticism of my work has always been the best I could have got and I could not imagine a better “partner in crime”.

Thanks to Eduard, although we have our differences sometimes, you are a good friend and I learned a lot from you.

Thanks to Johanna. for reminding me over and over again that there will always be some way to solve things and for teaching me how to not worry about everything.

Thanks to Paul, Sascha, Julian, Lukas, Patrick, Linda, Alex, Steffen, Christian, Stella, Arthur, Sarah, Susanne, Flo, Kathie, Sergej, Fabian, Leo, Nina, Darius, Simon F., Simon B., Petra, Jos, Katja, Miro, Grisha, Saskia, Yannick, Jan, Pascal, Thomas, Timo, Hansen, Fabi S., Katha, Martin and all the other ones I forgot (my apologies). You are the best friends I can imagine and without all of you, I would be nothing!




Efes Twin Kassel, Germany

Born in 1990 in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. Studying Product Design at the School of Art and Design in Kassel, Germany since 2011.
Building beats and breaks since 2008.

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Track Name: Every Opportunity Missed
'Cause this shit, this is me yo - right here...'